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Body Massage

Relaxing body massage of your choice, incorporating a selection of essential oil complexes and hot towels. 

Marine Salts Scrub

A deep exfoliation treatment for thickened or sun damaged skins.  Marine salts and algae extract together with grapefruit.  Essential oils are massaged across the body to remove dead skin cells, followed by the gentle application of hydrating milk.

Anti Stress

The perfect antidote to a hectic lifestyle.  Gentle body exfoliation followed by a hydrating massage cream.

Body Polish

When you are looking for a body scrub, you'll find that though there are several different types, they will often have the same goal.


Body scrubs will essentially remove the very top layer of skin cells from your body.


Though this might sound abrasive, the truth is that the skin cells that a body scrub will remove are just about ready to fall off anyway; the skin in question is dead.

Because this skin is quite opaque and rather grayish looking, it has the result of making your skin look ashy and dull. Scrubbing it from your body will reveal the new, fresh skin beneath, contributing that looked-for glow.


Aromatic Hot Stone Massage


Re-harmonise the Body

An exotic blend of oriental spices are used to exfoliate the body to soften and smooth skin then hot Balinese stones are used to massage and infuse exotic spices onto the body. Spices such as ginger, nutmeg and bitter orange are all warming, tonifying and stimulating essences for the body and mind. This combination aids healing and well being.

NakedTan botanical based tanning solutions ensure a timeless tan. The finest advantages of indulging your clients with NakedTan is the infusion of its pure botanical ingredients that nourish and moisturise the skin within while a bronzed natural tan is rapidly achieved to wash 'n' wear in just two hours.


Tanline Products


And will actually continue developing into a deeper tan long after the bronzer has been washed off. The finest quality DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) from Germany is used together with the botanical Erythrulose. This creates a reaction with the amino acids and proteins in the skins epidermis. A natural looking tan will develop enhancing the melanin of each individual's skin tone. This revolutionary new tanning formula reacts rapidly within the skins epidermis to deliver an even, natural tan quicker than any other tan product currently on the market and because of the active ingredients used in our formula your clients will attain a tan that will last like no other. So spoil those most important to you and introduce your clients to the luxury of NakedTan



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